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One of the main factors in reconciling comfort and well-being in your home or business with energy efficiency!

Adequate thermal insulation of a house allows maintaining for a longer time the temperatures that are intended to be reached with the air conditioning system installed in the house, either in heating or cooling mode, then once the temperature has reached, for example 20º inside the house in heating mode and with good insulation it will be more difficult to lose that temperature to the outside or to cool the area to be heated again, therefore, more energy efficiency or more savings in the cost of thermal energy. The same happens in cooling mode, which will prevent the interior from heating up faster with the heat coming from outside.

Explanation: The heat or hot air passes through the walls, windows and roof either from the inside to the outside normally in winter or from the outside to the inside in summer, the better the thermal insulation the slower the heat or hot air will pass through these walls.

Note: In controversy, in most situations there may be excess thermal insulation inside the house and cause condensation inside the house and this is due to the temperature differential between the inside of the house and the outside and if the windows are facing south , so metal window frames and glass are the materials that contain the most after that water running down to the floor can damage the floor and other wood or plasterboard and among others over time.

Solution: For excess insulation there is a VMC solution (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) in which the most stale air and vapors are extracted from these spaces in bathrooms and kitchens, in other areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, etc., air is blown into this space. new coming from the outside, this extraction and supply cross in the VMC with a heat exchange that normally in the extraction is the hottest air and this heat is exchanged to the supply side through the exchanger of the VMC itself and vice versa in cooling.

Note: Extraction and supply air do not mix in the VMC.

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