This is our Customer Rewards Program, where we credit CashBack on some specific activity. You can use this CashBack to get discounts on your next purchases. CashBack cannot be charged or transferred to any other account.

Eligibility for CashBack discounts

    If you have CashBack balance in your account and you have made a purchase of at least $250, the CashBack amount will be automatically applied (discounted) to the order total.
    You can use 25% of the available CashBack amount for each order. The more CashBack Balance, the more discount you get.
    The discount percentage is subject to change and you will be notified by email if this percentage changes in the future.

How to earn CashBack

    If you have made a purchase directly on one of our webshops, you will earn €2 for your feedback and positive rating on one of our webshops regardless of whether the purchased item belongs to one of our seller partners (sellers) and will only be readable for a reward cashback for a positive feedback and rating for every purchase made on your account from one of our web stores;

Professionals and merchants designated by sellers on our platform earn up to a maximum of 3% for each purchase and feedback with a positive rating given and more, through your subscription to our MarketPlace.

Note: All CashBack rewards will be credited to the customer's account on our web platform after the deadline for returning items and positive feedback with rating. Returning items or canceling orders does not entitle you to a CashBack reward.